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“What I learned at Chrysalis was that reaching out was not a sign of weakness, but a sign of courage and an act of Faith”  

We believe problems can erode the quality of life.
Counseling can turn negative relationships into opportunities for growth and happiness.
Call us.
We can help.
Our Core Values & Practices: 
Elder woman and her caretaker

human dignity, family commitment, and healthy relationships. We are here to care to persons suffering due to mental health conditions that make life unmanageable.

Therapy Session

individuals, couples, families and groups through focused training and consultation.


a holistic approach that integrates faith, psychotherapy, and the behavioral sciences.


with businesses, congregations, and communities with integrity and trust. We seek partnerships with faith communities, businesses and organizations committed to high quality mental health and/or pastoral services.


individuals and communities regardless of economic status, background, religion, or point of view. Our services are available to all persons regardless of ethnic, religious, sexual, or philosophical orientation.

“I wasn’t looking for advice. I needed help for meaningful change.”

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